targeted company and leads lists

Does your business spend a lot of time searching for the right leads? Would your time be better spent on engaging, nurturing and developing leads? Research and experience show when leads are properly targeted and nurtured they are more likely to become clients.

There are plenty of companies offering leads lists - and they may even guarantee their accuracy. Many times, after spending way too much time and money, you find the leads are outdated or have incorrect contact information. Wouldn’t you agree it would be best for your business to have the most current and accurate information available?

The following are advantages to having the most accurate and verified contact data for your campaigns:

  • Directly contacting decisions-makers or influencers who have specific needs for your solutions
  • Returning valuable time to your sales and marketing teams since they no longer have to research or spend time calling around within companies just to determine their prospects

Welcoming the knowledge of reduced costs and increased efficiency = more money back into your own budget

j+ Media Solutions provides customized lists of companies and leads based on your company’s requirements and specifications. We have the capability to build out your list of companies and provide you with the appropriate contacts, along with their contact information. If you have your own list of prospective companies, we will be glad to fill in the contacts and their information for you.

We will return your data lists in a timely manner and in a format you can easily load into your CRM or database. We work with you to make sure we provide the information that will be the most helpful for you and your campaigns.

Ready to get started? We are ready to help you!