360 reports

Have you ever gone into meetings with potential clients only to wish you knew more about them? Sometimes, a little extra knowledge can go a long way in building relationships. Sometimes it can make a difference in whether you seal the deal. How would you like to demonstrate you have taken a genuine interest in your prospect and will not just be giving them a sales presentation?

Plenty of resources are available about companies and executives on the internet, but it often takes awhile to sift through it. Wouldn’t you rather take the time to prepare for your presentation? j+ Media Solutions prepares specialized reports, which we call 360 reports, to arm you with real knowledge you can use. A 360 report, or opportunity analysis, includes comprehensive information about the companies you choose. The final report contains a summary of the company, the people, and any connections that exist between your prospect and your company.

Our team will dig deeply to find accurate information about the company, its key executives and the board of directors (when applicable). We will uncover connections, when they exist, between your prospective client and your company. These connections may occur between people or the companies themselves. When connections exist, you have information on hand that serves well for introductory or conversational purposes.

Ready to get started? Let the research team at j+ Media Solutions handle the due diligence and allow you to feel completely prepared for your meeting. We’re ready to help you gain the knowledge you need to close that deal.